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We have developed a new and innovative way to buy this all-important piece of furniture. It’s sleep, after all, something we spend a third of our lives doing, so Mattress Superstore has invested in Sleepology--the science of sleep—to help our customers find exactly the right mattress for their body and sleep style, whatever the brand or budget.

Even though there are dozens of mattresses on display to try out for size and comfort, you don’t have to become overwhelmed with guessing which is the best choice. Starting with a short sleep assessment questionnaire about your sleep preferences and habits, a computerized body analysis then gives a quick view of your pressure points, whether on the hips, shoulders, neck, etc.

The advanced technology identifies the pressure points that can cause aches, pains and a restless sleep. Whether someone is a side, back or stomach sleeper, or sleeps too hot, the body analysis provides a personal sleep iD that matches beds on display that you can then try out and decide for yourself . And it’s not just the mattress--we have a 3-Step personalized sleep system which features a custom pillow fitting to find the perfect pillow to help provide proper spinal alignment, to protectors and even sheet sets.

We’re passionate about people getting a great night’s sleep—it’s an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and we've found a different and better way to match people with the right mattress—one based on science. It’s an unbiased approach to selling that takes away the guesswork and leads buyers to mattresses that are actually correct for them.

Sleepology - The Science of Sleep uses the most advanced technology in the WORLD and over 1664 sensors to map body surface pressures to create an image that ultimately reveals pressure points on your body that can be relieved by the RIGHT mattress. This computerized diagnostic process of obtaining this high-resolution body pressure image is called our Body Analysis. The Body Analysis will provide you with a Sleep iD (individual diagnostic #) which will then be used to find a mattress that's most suited to you! Our trained Sleepologists will perform the Body Analysis and armed with an unbiased Sleep iD, will help guide you to find mattresses that match your iD.

Sleeopology is an advanced technology that is new to the sleep world. This unique technology is a premium, complimentary service for all shoppers and is exclusive to Mattress Superstore . It's a computerized diagnostic tool that reveals a high-resolution body pressure image that arms ours customers with facts when mattress shopping. We say let science determine the right mattress for you because your health is too important to leave to chance and it's a fact that most people are choosing the wrong mattress for their body type and sleep preferences when shopping at traditional mattress stores.

Just give us five minutes
& we’ll give you the best sleep of your life

Weather you sleep alone or with a partner of a very different size and weight or if you're hot or cold when sleeping, each person is unique and requires a different type of mattress. Also depending on your preferred Sleep position, weather you are a side, back or stomach sleeper - it will determine the type of comfort and support your body requires. Part of our Sleepology 3-Step process will be a short Sleep Assement that will tell us more about your sleep habits and preferences.

Our Sleepology Body Analysis is done in store in a private setting on a test bed with 1664 sensors that determines your pressure points. We have a large screen displays that will reveal your individual body image, pressure points and Sleep iD. The science is proven—this award winning technology comes from the medical industry and is used by hospitals for pressure imaging and patient safety. Previously only in commercial applications, it's now available through Mattress Superstore to help assist you in finding the right mattress & sleep system.

Some of our featured Brands include Serta, Sealy, Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic, icomfort, Stearns & Foster, Spring Air, Magniflex and Simmons.

And Best of All...With all the major brands under one roof at our Superstore prices,
you'll be sure to find the RIGHT mattress at the RIGHT price.